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Dennis Mahoney

Dennis Mahoney lives in upstate New York with his wife, son, and dog. His first novel, FELLOW MORTALS, was a Booklist Top Ten Debut in 2013. His second novel, BELL WEATHER, was published by Holt in Summer 2015. He can be found online at and @Giganticide


Bell Weather: Genre-bending adventure novel where the language is the star

Bell Weather by Dennis Mahoney

I had never heard of Dennis Mahoney before picking up Bell Weather, but the bright green ARC cover drew me in: a monochrome print of a woman framed by trees. A hummingbird with bat-wings flies overhead. And over this, in bold white letters, “Enter the world of Root.” Well, with an invitation like that, don’t mind if I do.

Bell Weather is an adventure story following a young woman named Molly Bell as she escapes from two dangerous men bent on controlling her. Molly is a fantastic heroine, kinetic and indomitable. She is described as a “quicksummer spirit.” Associated with images of flowers and flame, she embodies warmth and tenacity, clinging to life through trials that would have killed a weaker person. Near the end of the novel, her brother Nicholas describes her: “It is a quality of yours: a marvelous facility to wrigg... Read More