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John Levitt

John LevittJohn Levitt grew up in New York City. He worked for the Salt Lake City Police Department for seven years. Aftr leaving, he wrote a couple of police thrillers and then began writing urban fantasy. Mr. Levitt divides his time between Alta, Utah, and San Francisco, and when he’s not working or writing, he plays guitar with his band in San Francisco, The Procrastinistas.
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Dog Days: Lacks soul, personality, and style

Dog Days by John Levitt

I've been eyeing Dog Days curiously for a while now (insert obvious feline joke here), mainly intrigued by the blurb's promise of a magical dog. Yes, that's right, I freely admit it — my inner three-year-old wanted to see the magical doggie.

The magical dog is an Ifrit, which I found kind of intriguing. Besides that, though, Dog Days has little to offer. I don't like the main character, Mason, one bit. To avoid making him a Gary Stu, Levitt makes him pretty much incompetent (which means the villains have to be even more incompetent), lazy about mastering his magic, and constantly has him blundering stupidly into traps even when he knows the likelihood of them being there i... Read More