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Kaoru Kurimoto

Kaoru Kurimoto(1953-2009)
THE GUIN SAGA has been popular for decades in Japan and Kaoru Kurimoto (a pen name) wrote 126 installments. Since earlier days, the series has moved out of the heroic fantasy epic genre. Those presented here are early episodes which have recently been translated into English. There is a manga version (The Seven Magi) and an anime series based on the saga.

The Leopard Mask: Probably better as manga

The Leopard Mask by Kaoru Kurimoto

The Leopard Mask, the first installment of The Guin Saga, is a rather uninspiring tale of two twins (Remus and Rinda) whose kingdom has fallen to an evil army and who are now trying to stay alive among all of the ghouls, demons, and other nasties who live in the marches. They are saved by an amnesic warrior (Guin) who, for some unknown but intriguing reason, has an irremovable leopard mask fused to his face.

The writing style is only serviceable. I don't know if this is due to the original Japanese text or to the English translation but it just doesn't grab me. The perspectives change abruptly, the dialogue is stilted, and the omniscient narrator tells too much — sometimes in a tone that would be used to teach children.

The plot of The Leopard Mask is quick as it m... Read More