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Giles Kristian

Giles Kristian(1975- )
During the ’90s Giles was lead singer of pop group Upside Down, achieving four top twenty hit records, performing on Top of the Pops and at such venues as the Royal Albert Hall, N.E.C. and Wembley Arena. As a singer songwriter he toured two years in Europe and has made music videos all over the world, from Prague, Miami, Mexico, and the Swiss Alps, to Bognor Regis! He has worked as a model, appearing in TV commercials and ads for the likes of Walls Ice Cream (he was the Magnum Man) Canon, and two brands of lager! He has also been an advertising copywriter. Giles Kristian writes historical fiction.

Blood Eye: On the Edge

Blood Eye by Giles Kristian

[In our Edge of the Universe column, we review mainstream authors that incorporate elements of speculative fiction into their “literary” work. However you want to label them, we hope you’ll enjoy discussing these books with us.]

Depending on the period being portrayed, historical fiction novels are often too graphic and too depressing for me to enjoy. The Viking era is a popular one for authors, and, until Blood Eye, I have always been unable to get into books set in that period. The difference is that Giles Kristian seems to understand that a story can be more about the characters and less about the fighting without losing the flavor of the era.

Osric is a teenage orphan living in a small English village that is attacked by Norse raiders. The exact how of Osric’s orphanage is something of a mystery, and he has no memories from before he was found by ... Read More

More historical fantasy by Giles Kristian

The Bleeding Land — (2012) Publisher: The bestselling historical novelist Giles Kristian begins an epic new trilogy, set against the tumultuous backdrop of the bloody war that divided a nation and tore families apart. England. 1642. War is coming. The rift between King and Parliament has widened and armies muster, ready to fight for their religious and political ideals. Nothing is so destructive as civil war, and for the Rivers family, the raising of the King’s standard heralds a conflict that threatens to tear them apart. As a knight and friend of King Charles, Sir Francis Rivers’ loyalty is beyond question, and so should be that of his family. However another Royalist, Lord Henry Denton, imprisons a suspected Catholic priest and in so doing makes an enemy of Sir Francis’s youngest son, Tom. As horrific events transpire, Tom eventually makes his way to London where he falls in with a crowd of men eager to fight for Parliament for, in the prospect of war, Tom sees his chance for vengeance. But Sir Francis Rivers’ eldest son, Mun, is for the king, and joins a troop of horse commanded by the dashing Prince Rupert. Sir Francis rides in the King’s Lifeguards as the first battle of the war looms. But whilst men fight and die at Edgehill, the Rivers women, Lady Mary and her daughter, Bess, must also fight to survive as the family home, Shear House, is besieged. A novel of honour, vengeance, courage and love, The Bleeding Land brings England’s civil war to life in all its terrible glory.

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