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William A. Kooiker

William KookierWilliam A. Kooiker lives in central Virginia with his wife and daughter.


Knight of the Dove: Vintage blade needs polishing

Knight of the Dove by William A. Kooiker

Amaria Eversvale, known as The Knight of the Dove for her unusual, ivory-colored hair, is a peerless and respected warrior; but her physical prowess belies her inner turmoil. After calling upon evil gods for the power to avenge her husband by slaughtering an entire fortress, she goes into self-imposed exile, wandering for months until she at least reaches Valgamin, the last city before the mountain range known as Urak's Edge/The World's Edge. There, she finds herself drawn into a secret conflict between the priesthoods of two evil gods, each striving for control of the city, and by entering their conflict and setting herself against both, she hunts for her ever-elusive redemption.

Knight of the Dove, the second published novel by William A. Kooiker (Koy-Ker), is an old-school, sword-against-sorcery adventure clearly influenced by the works of Read More