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G.A. Kathryns

G. A. Kathryns is the award-winning author of multiple novels and short stories as Gael Baudino. Over the course of four decades, her work, mainstream and genre-spanning alike, has appeared in numerous print and online publications, and has been described as elegiac, meditative, dark, uplifting, and reminiscent of the writings of C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle. A skilled player of the ancient Irish wire-strung harp, she has worked as a professional musician and has written two popular instructional books for the instrument. She lives with her spouse in the American Southwest.


Snow City: A disorienting, intermittently interesting, destination

Snow City by G.A. Kathryns

G.A. Kathryns’ independently-published novel Snow City (2017) is a story about a ghost, narrated by a kind of a ghost. The POV character Echo Japonica creates Snow City in her mind as a preservation mechanism responsive to the terror she experiences in a dystopian reality. The fantastical part of this creation is that she inhabits her imagination physically, along with a ghost. And the living is not too bad until her creation doesn’t turn out to be as safe and warm as her conscious mind had hoped.

The narrative begins with, for me, much too much exposition, and even when the story launches in earnest, it flies like a pelican — heavily, beating broad wings madly to hold itself up.

There is honest creativity here, however, and some nice moments, interesting characters, and quite a bit of heart. Readers may need patience to reach those moments,... Read More