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Steven John

Steven JohnSteven John was born in Washington D.C. He now lives outside Los Angeles with his wife who is an elementary school teacher. John worked several jobs in the film industry before writing 3 A.M., his first published novel. Learn more at Steven John’s website.


Three A.M.: Steven John has talent and imagination

Three A.M. by Steven John

The first half of Three A.M. (2012) is dystopian noir, and the second half wants to be a thriller. This is Steven John’s first novel, and even though it has glitches, it’s successful overall. John creates an interesting premise and an eerie, atmospheric setting in the fog-filled city that is the main location for this story.

For fifteen years, Tom Vale hasn’t seen sunlight. He hasn’t seen stars, or green grass, or a tree. On a good day, when the fog lifts slightly, he can see to the end of the street where he’s walking. Tom was a soldier when the fog came, and he remembers it, and what came before; the sickness that killed thousands of people. Tom followed his orders: kill the sick, transport the survivors back to the city, then blow the bridges. Since then he has eked out an existence as a “detective;” mostly as a strongman or an enforcer. One eve... Read More