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Geoffrey Huntington

Geoffrey HuntingtonGeoffrey Huntington lives in a house by the sea not far from where the ghost of a pirate is said to eternally walk the cliffs in search of his lost gold. He is the author of Sorcerers of the Nightwing: Book I of the Ravenscliff Series, which introduced the world to the young sorcerer Devon March. Under another name, he is the author of several acclaimed works of fiction and nonfiction. Read excerpts of the Ravenscliff novels at the Ravenscliff website.

Sorcerers of the Nightwing: A promising start to a dark series

Sorcerers of the Nightwing by Geoffrey Huntington

After his father's death, fourteen year old Devon March is sent to his new home in New England — the huge and forbidding mansion Ravenscliff, that all the townspeople he meets on his way warn him against travelling to. But Devon is not as afraid of his future as others in his shoes would be: he knows he is gifted with a special power, a power that protected him from the very real demons and monsters that he had dwelling in his cupboard and under his bed as a child. Now, he seeks to find who he is, and why such things happen to him, for on his death bed, his father claimed he was not his biological father. Guided by the calm and powerful Voice in his head, that grants to him his own brand of magic, Devon is eager to begin his investigation.

At Ravenscliff are a host of intriguing characters waiting for him — the glamorous Mrs Crandall, his new guardian, who undoubtably knows mor... Read More