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Meg Howrey

Meg Howrey grew up in Danville, Illinois before moving to New York City at age fifteen to pursue a career in dance. At sixteen she joined Joffrey II, and later performed as a guest artist with The Eglevsky Ballet, City Ballet of Los Angeles, and The Los Angeles Opera. In 2001 she received the Ovation Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role in the Broadway National Tour of Contact. Her first novel, Blind Sight, was published in 2011, and was followed by The Cranes Dance in 2012. The Wanderers was published in March of 2017. Her non-fiction has appeared in Vogue and The Los Angeles Review of Books.

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The Wanderers: A wonderfully intimate, character-driven story

The Wanderers by Meg Howrey

The Wanderers
(2017), by Meg Howrey, focuses on a simulated mission (code name: Eidolon) to Mars more realistic than anything ever attempted before. Prime Space has chosen three exemplary, experienced astronauts (American Helen, Japanese Yoshi, and Russian Sergei) for a 17-month, fully immersive simulation in the Utah desert in preparation for the real thing two years later. We join the “journey” via their 3rd-person POVs, but are also given a broader view thanks to their family members (one might consider them “satellites” orbiting the main characters — always tied to them): Helen’s actress daughter Mireille, Yoshi’s robot-salesperson wife Madoka, and Sergei’s sexually-uncertain 15-year-old son Dmitri. We also get a POV from Luke, one of the “Obbers” — the Prime Space employees tasked with observing the crew and liaising with the family members. With sh... Read More