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Madeline Howard

Madeline Howard(1949- )
Madeline Howard is a penname of author Teresa Edgerton. Maps, pronunciation guides, and videos are available at Madeline Howard’s website.

The Hidden Stars: Overwritten and uneven

The Hidden Stars by Madeline Howard

A small band of wizards and warriors must find the lost royal child prophesied to end the reign of an 'evil', self-proclaimed goddess-empress. Adapting that main plotline from Willow, Madeline Howard's novel The Hidden Stars further combines several Tolkien-esque elements (wondrously dexterous elves/fey; vastly powerful wizards; not nine but twelve misshapen servants of the villain) to create an initially promising but unfortunately disappointing fantasy experience.

Many fantasy plots have been explored time and again. What matters is the execution, and that's where this story falls short. It opens with the birth of the promised child and her disappearance (or death) in a cataclysmic battle between a wizard and the empress's servants. It the... Read More