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Gwen Hayes

Gwen HayesGwen Hayes lives with her husband and children in the Pacific Northwest. She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture. She likes watching bad movies and eating Cheetos. She does like to force her family out to go geocaching a few times a year because that fulfills her secret inner geek while also getting fresh air. For more information, please visit Gwen Haye’s website. You can also find Gwen every Friday at The Fictionistas.


Falling Under: The realm of Under is the best part

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I’m addicted to underworlds.

And it’s the fantastic realm of “Under” that, for me, was the best part of Falling Under. Gwen Hayes uses several tropes that have become overused in YA paranormal romance, but the book is better written than many of its peers, and Hayes’ creativity bursts out of the bounds of the formula every time she shows us a scene from Under.

At first, this feels like a lot of books we’ve read before. Reserved, virginal Theia meets a mysterious boy, Haden, at her high school. They’re assigned to work as partners in class. Haden tries to protect Theia from his dark secret, alternating between treating her coldly and being a control freak. When, finally, he withdraws from her life in a last-ditch effort to save her, Theia resorts to self-destructive measures to see him again. [Spoiler, here,... Read More