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Gareth Hanrahan

Gareth Hanrahan’s three-month break from computer programming to concentrate on writing has now lasted fifteen years and counting. He’s written more gaming books than he can readily recall, by virtue of the alchemical transmutation of tea and guilt into words. He lives in Ireland with his wife and twin sons. Follow him on twitter @mytholder.


The Gutter Prayer: Alchemical fire, living saints, and knucklebones

The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

The first instalment in Gareth Hanrahan’s THE BLACK IRON LEGACY is a bit like an avalanche: The Gutter Prayer (2019) starts out slowly and a tad scattershot, taking about 150 - 200 pages to build momentum, but when everything falls into place, it becomes an onslaught, picking up speed over the next 300 or so pages before crashing to a breathless finish.

Within the ancient coastal city of Guerdon, citizens maintain an air of normalcy, going about their daily lives as though below the city streets there aren’t miles and miles of subterranean warrens and passages filled with flesh-eating ghouls and Crawling Ones, hive-minded masses of sentient maggots. Liberal use of alchemy enriches their lives, providing conveniences and medicine (for a price) and enforcing the law via Tallowmen, humanoid figures made of animated wa... Read More