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Nancy Haddock

Nancy Haddock Nancy Haddock majored in Education/Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Tulsa and worked in a both private and public school settings for seven years. She and her husband and children live in St. Augustine, Florida, which is the setting for the Oldest City Vampire novels. Learn more at Nancy Haddock’s website.


Always the Vampire: A light, frothy novel

Always the Vampire by Nancy Haddock

Francesca Marinelli was turned into a vampire over two hundred years ago and then buried beneath her sire’s St. Augustine house as a punishment. The whole nest was then killed, and Cesca languished underground until the 21st century. Now she’s enjoying her second chance — and those handy modern conveniences. Nancy Haddock takes Charlaine Harris’s True Blood idea one step further: Cesca drinks Starbloods, synthetic blood with flavors like caramel macchiato. It’s a good thing she has that option, too, because she is grossed out by blood (and can barely stand the synthetic stuff).

Always the Vampire is the third in Haddock’s Oldest City Vampire series. As the book begins, Cesca’s boyfrie... Read More