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Gayle Greeno

(1949- )
Gayle Greeno was born in Glens Falls, New York, in 1949.

Finders Keepers: Pern with cats

Finders Keepers by Gayle Greeno

Finders Seekersis the first book in Gayle Greeno’s Ghatti’s Tale series. The Ghattis are large telepathic catlike creatures who lifebond with humans. Together, the two serve as a truthseeker team, sifting through the thoughts of people involved in civil and criminal disputes. When someone starts killing the Ghattis and their human companions, the Ghatti Khar and her bondmate Doyce set out to unlock the secret behind the deaths, and attempt to hold the world of Methuen together.

One of the goals we have at FanLit is to get a review up for every author in our database. When I saw that we didn’t have a review up for Gayle Greeno, I decided to reread Finders Seekers, a book that I had remembered enjoying when I was in my teens. I would have given it 3 stars back then. Howeve... Read More

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Ghatten’s Gambit — (1998-2000) Set in the same world as Ghatti’s Tale, a generation later. Publisher: The Sunderlies — for Doyce’s and Jenret’s sixteen-year-old twins, Jenneth and her brother Diccon, the very name is a summons to exotic adventure. So when Jenret proposes taking the family along on a business trip there, the twins can hardly contain their excitement. The only thing more thrilling is the newfound Bond Jenneth has made with the ghatten Pw’eek and Diccon with her sister ghatten Kwee. Yet, almost from the start, the journey seems overshadowed with bad luck — or evil intent. But the real disaster strikes at sea, when a storm sweeps Jenneth and Pw’eek overboard. Desperate to find his lost twin, Diccon has no way of knowing that the worst for all of them still lies ahead…

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