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Debi Gliori

Debi Gliori(1959- )
Debi Gliori is a Scottish author and illustrator of children’s books. She grew up as an only child in Glasgow, and when young began drawing and writing stories. She started writing children’s books in 1976, and attended art school in Edinburgh from 1979 to 1984. She then received a travelling scholarship award to go to Milan, and worked as a freelance from 1984 onwards. She is the author/illustrator of many books for children including Mr Bear, the winner of a Children’s Book Award. She is best known for her black comedy Pure Dead series for older children, which display strong elements of family lives amid dark and fantasy-based plots. She has at least five children, one golden retriever, and a colony of sea monkeys.


Pure Dead Magic: Silly with a streak of black humor

Pure Dead Magic by Deb Gliori

Titus and his sister Pandora have another new nanny. It’s hard to keep nannies around the Strega-Borgia mansion, but despite the siblings’ best efforts to scare off the latest applicant, Mrs. McLachlan is undaunted. She’ll be taking care of the kids and their scary pets because their dad, Signor Luciano Strega-Borgia, has abandoned the family and their mom, Signora Baci Strega-Borgia, has started witch school.

The Strega-Borgia kids soon turn their attention to more difficult issues when their baby sister Damp is accidentally shrunken and uploaded into the World Wide Web. Soon after, a group of assassins hired by the mafia shows up at their house. Can Titus and Pandora get Damp back and defeat the killers, too?

Pure Dead Magic is the first in a series of children’s fantasy novels by Debi Gliori. It’s dark, zany, and over the top. Inside you... Read More