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Pauline Gedge

From the publication in 1977 of Child of the Morning, her prize-winning first novel, Pauline Gedge’s novels have found millions of readers. Ten of the books are set in ancient Egypt, while The Eagle and the Raven is set in Roman Britain. Translated into many languages, her novels are highly respected for their impeccable scholarship.

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Stargate: Beautiful creation myth blends fantasy and sci-fi

Stargate by Pauline Gedge

“Before the beginning was the Lawmaker,” he read. “And the Lawmaker made the Worldmaker and commanded him to make according to his nature. And the Worldmaker made the worlds…”

Originally published in 1982 and re-issued in 2016, Pauline Gedge’s Stargate is a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid writ large. Its universe rides the mythic themes of a world overseen by Gods who live within the vague rules similarly employed against their literary and cultural brethren in Olympus. Gedge seems more than happy to borrow these Grecian mythic motifs while putting her own sci-fi/fantasy spin on the creation myths we find embedded within even modern religions.

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