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Terri Garey

Terri GareyA Southern girl with an overactive imagination, RITA® Award winner Terri Garey grew up in Florida, always wondering why tropical prints and socks with sandals were considered a fashion statement. A former computer analyst, she now spends her time writing demented tales from the dark side. Read excerpts of her novels at Terri Garey’s website.


Dead Girls are Easy: And pretty stupid, too

Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey

When vintage-boutique owner Nicki Styx suffers a near-death experience, she comes back from the Light with the ability to see and hear ghosts. Before she knows it, the dead are hounding her day and night, in the hopes that she'll help tie up their loose ends. Sometimes this just means passing on a last message of love. But when Nicki's friend Caprice is killed, Nicki's life really gets messy.

Caprice's boyfriend Mojo has been thrown in jail, accused of Caprice's murder. Caprice wants him freed. She claims he's innocent, that the crime was committed by the woman Mojo was seeing on the side. Mojo has yet another version of events. Nicki has no idea how to untangle the mystery, but she'd better do it fast, because Caprice's spirit is turning into something nasty. Something demonic. Meanwhile, Nicki is falling in love with her doctor, Joe Bascombe, whose estranged wife just might be Nicki's long-lost... Read More