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Mark Ferrari

Mark FerrariMark Ferrari is currently writing another fantasy novel (unrelated to The Book of Joby) and has plans for more books in the future. Read an excerpt at his website.

The Book of Joby: Well-written debut

The Book of Joby by Mark Ferrari

Ostensibly inspired by the book of Job found in the Bible, The Book of Joby is actually a somewhat odd meld of Arthurian legend and fantasy set in modern times. Who knew that such a thing could exist! There are several characters who have been drawn from the Bible, namely God, Michael and Gabriel — both archangels — and, of course, the devil himself. Any biblical resemblance to characters and plot ideas in The Book Of Joby ends there. For example, the story of creation according to The Book of Joby is that the devil created humans by causing apes to evolve; God swears, hangs out in bars, drinks, lies, and can be sneaky, patronising, sarcastic, and even vindictive. Mark Ferrari was possibly trying to create a down-to-Earth appeal with his depiction of God, but God just comes off as a hick. And the devil character is ... Read More