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Warren Fahy

New York Times best-selling author Warren Fahy was a bookseller, movie database designer, helped get a new definition of the word “mullet” into the Oxford English Dictionary, and was lead writer for Rock Star Games’ Red Dead Revolver. His science thriller Fragment was nominated for a BSFA and an International Thriller Award and is published in 19 languages. The sequel, Pandemonium, is now available along with his epic fantasy, Crimson. Here is Warren Fahy’s website. Find him at Twitter @warrenfahy.

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Fragment: Monster Mayhem

Fragment by Warren Fahy

I've read a number of reviews and comments that compare Warren Fahy's Fragment (2009) with Michael Crichton and Jurassic Park. Fragment and Jurassic Park have similar themes and bare bones basic concepts. Both stories involve humans battling supernatural, prehistoric monsters and self-centered murderous villains on the remotest of islands. Let's be clear: stop there and consider the comparisons complete. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed Fahy's debut novel. It's the perfect summertime beach or pool-side read, and its 500 pages fly by faster than the Hender's Island Spigers rip apart defenseless characters in Fahy's book.


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