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Guy Endore

A Hollywood screenwriter who collaborated on scripts like Mark of the Vampire, as well as receiving an Oscar nomination for The Story of G.I. Joe, Guy Endore (1900–1970) also wrote several novels, including Nightmare and King of Paris. A cult favorite of fans of horror, he is best known for The Werewolf of Paris, which occupies a significant position in werewolf literature, much in the same way that Dracula does for vampire literature.

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The Werewolf of Paris: A terrific piece of writing from Mr. Endore

The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

I owe a debt of gratitude to writer Marvin Kaye, who selected Guy Endore's classic novel of lycanthropy, The Werewolf of Paris, for inclusion in Kim Newman and Stephen Jones's excellent overview volume Horror: 100 Best Books. If it hadn't been for Kaye's article on this masterful tale, who knows if I would have ever run across it. And that would have been a real shame, because this is one very impressive piece of work indeed. Read More