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(Born 1954)
P.N. Elrod published her first novel in 1990. She has co-edited a number of anthologies and plans to do more. In between the novel work, Pat is polishing her script writing skills.  “I’ve several original projects in mind for screenplays, including scripts for my own novels. The story-telling demands are different for a visual medium, but that’s right up my alley.  When I write, I tend to run a film of the action in my head, so doing scripts is just an extension of that for me. Learn more at P.N. Elrod’s website.



The Vampire Chronicles: Vampires and gumshoes

THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES Vol 1: BloodList, LifeBlood, BloodCircle by P.N. Elrod

The Vampire Chronicles compiles the first three books in P.N. Elrod’s series featuring Jack Fleming who, in case you haven’t deduced by the title, is a vampire.

What makes this series different from most other recent vampire novels is that Elrod combines an old familiar trope with something familiar but not usually associated with vampires: noir detectives. Her characters are believably of the gumshoe type and include those hopeful yet gray sensibilities that were products of that era.

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Strange Brew: Something for everyone

Strange Brew by P.N. Elrod (ed)

The theme of Strange Brew is witchcraft. This anthology features nine well-known urban fantasy authors, each with their own spin on the theme. Some of these stories feature well-known characters. Others focus on characters who are secondary in the author’s series, or characters who are entirely new. Glancing at the table of contents and doing a little mental math, most of the stories are around 40 pages, give or take a few. (The longest is Karen Chance’s at just under 60.) As is always the case with anthologies,

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