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Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards(1965- )
Graham Edwards was born in England near Glastonbury Tor and now lives in Nottingham. Art college in London led to a career as a graphic designer and animator. He’s also worked as a scriptwriter and multimedia producer for theme parks and visitor centres. Graham’s first novel Dragoncharm was directly inspired by Watership Down. Dragoncharm and its sequels all received nominations for Best Novel in the British Fantasy Awards. Graham’s short fiction has been published in US magazines and collected for various anthologies. Graham currently works as a blog colmunist for the quarterly journal of cinematic illusions Cinefex, writing weekly articles about film and visual effects.


Talus and the Frozen King: The world’s first detective

Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards

If Jean Auel and Arthur Conan Doyle had collaborated, the result might have been Talus, the bard detective at the center of Graham Edwards’ novel, Talus and the Frozen King. Set in northern Europe during the Neolithic period, Talus and his companion Watson, umm, I mean Bran, stumble across an island village mourning the sudden death of their king. It takes only a few pages for Talus to throw everything into chaos with his Quincy-like revelation (yes, I’m dating myself with that reference) that, “This king was murdered.” Cue a parade of suspects, red herrings, sharply detailed observations, an often-befuddled companion, and the eventual unmasking of a diabolical plot. There’s even, perhaps, a Moriarty.

This has to be the earliest set historical mystery I have ever read. I’m not sure one can ge... Read More