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Patrick Sheane Duncan

Patrick Sheane Duncan is the writer and director of critically acclaimed feature film 84 Charlie Mopic and wrote the screenplays for Mr. Holland’s Opus, Courage Under Fire, and Nick of Time. He is the producer of the HBO series Vietnam War Story and cowriter/director of the documentary series Medal of Honor. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Dracula vs. Hitler: Lively war story pits the undead vs. the inhumane

Dracula vs. Hitler by Patrick Sheane Duncan

Dracula vs. Hitler?! Yes, yes, I know — the title is beyond hokey and there’s no way that this could be a good book. A graphic novel? Maybe. But not a full-sized, 500-page novel. I love horror and I love Dracula, the Dracula as he was originally … gothically evil, not gothically high school. And World War II lit is cool. But the combination? It sounds like a comic book, or maybe the next generation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s classic-lit/horror mash-ups.

Do you want the honest truth? Dracula vs. Hitler is a very fun book. The title was a warning, but the evil v. evil angle drew me in and Dracula’s placement on the side of the allies in the middle of WWII was intriguing. While the novel isn’t perfect, it’s a terrific story in the very capable hands of ... Read More