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David Devereux

book review David Devereux fantasy author Pages of Pain(1972- )
David Devereux
claims to be an exorcist. Learn a little bit more at his website.

Hunter’s Moon: Gritty, cynical and procedural

Hunter's Moon by David Devereux

Think of Jack, the first person narrator of David Devereux’s Hunter’s Moon, as James Bond with a wand as well as a Walther PPK; a magical double-oh agent with a license to kill. Jack (if that really is his name) works for a shadowy section of M15 who use magicians and witches as well as more traditional tools like murder, blackmail and torture to rid Britain of enemies of the state.

Hunter’s Moon reminds me of some really old, cold-war vintage secret agent books, like Ian Fleming’s work and American offerings like Matt Helm. It has a post-9/11 sensibility, however, that is probably better echoed in some of the grittier television programs of the last decade, such as 24 or the British show Strike Back. Jack and his crew are fine with murder, mutilation, torture, sexual humiliation, and presumably a... Read More