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Elspeth Cooper

Elspeth CooperElspeth Cooper was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne. Ever since she was read IVANHOE as a bedtime story, she has been fascinated by storytelling, even declining a place at university because she was more interested in writing than studying — much to her parents’ chagrin. Now her lifelong fascination with language has been put into practice with SONGS OF THE EARTH, her first novel, and the first of The Wild Hunt series. Ms Cooper lives in Northumberland with her husband and cats. Here’s Elspeth Cooper’s website.

Songs of the Earth: Fails on many levels

Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper

CLASSIFICATION: Songs of the Earth is a PG-13 traditional epic fantasy novel that reminded me at times of Terry Brooks, David EddingsThe Belgariad, and Gail Z. Martin.

FORMAT/INFO: Songs of the Earth is 480 pages long divided over 37 numbered/titled chapters and an Epilogue. Narration is in the third person, mainly via the protagonist Gair, but there are also several minor POVs. Songs of the Earth comes to an acceptable stopping point, but leaves many matters unresolved and is the ... Read More