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Lynda Clark

An award-winning short fiction writer, Lynda Clark has been widely published in anthologies and her debut novel, Beyond Kidding, was published by Fairlight Books in 2019 and is in development for a feature with Film4. She has completed a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing and is currently a Research Fellow in Narrative and Play at the University of Dundee. Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories is her first collection of short stories.


Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories: Didn’t do much for me

Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories by Lynda Clark

It seems that putting The Rock Eaters by Brenda Peynado on my best of 2021 list and noting how it’s redeemed my faith in short story collections was a bad idea, as I’ve apparently jinxed myself with regard to said collections, being that I’m now 0 for 3 on them since then. The third “0-fer” is Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories (2021) by Lynda Clark, which has its moments but left me disappointed overall.

Generally, the collection is a mix of fantastical genres, though how much so will depend on one’s subjective definitions of the seemingly infinite sub-genres thrown under that particular umbrella category, such as fantasy, magical realism, fairy tale/folk... Read More