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Janet Lee Carey

Janet Lee CareyJanet Lee Carey was born in New York, raised in Mill Valley, California, and now lives near Seattle, Washington. She’s married and has three sons. When not writing books or articles, she’s off somewhere teaching a writing workshop. She does ordinary things too like clean house, cook dinner, walk in the rain, and stare out windows. Learn more at Janet Lee Carey’s website.

Stealing Death: So much potential

Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey

Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey is a book I really wanted to like. It has an unusual YA setting — a desert land of red sandstone and small villages; a great premise — a young boy (Kipp) who steals the sack Death uses to collect souls so no more have to die; an exciting, emotional beginning with all but one of Kipp’s family killed in a fire; and a pattern of inserting small folktales into the larger narrative.

But for all that I wanted to love this book, and for all its emotional weight of theme and character — death, guilt, love, family responsibility, aging — it had a curiously removed feel to it. Part of it was that once we had followed Kipp from the fire that left him with only his little sister to the new fields he was forced to work to when he steals the sack of the Gwali (death-catcher), the book becomes very ep... Read More

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Noor — (2006-2010) Young adult. Publisher: Late one night, piercing screams awake the villages of Noor. And the next day the bones of a young woman are found deep in the surrounding forests. Terror courses through the hearts of the villagers, along with something else… relief. An attack such as this is not uncommon in Noor. The Shriker, a massive beast of unimaginable strength and rage, has roamed the dark woods for nearly three hundred years, savaging those unfortunate enough to encounter him. The people of Noor have lived in fear for so long that most have forgotten that the Shriker was once a loyal dog until the day his master betrayed and cursed him, condemning him to life as a monster. But Miles and Hanna Ferrell have never forgotten where the Shriker came from — how could they? It was, after all, their ancestor who betrayed the dog.

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The Wilde Island Chronicles — (2007-2015) Young Adult. Far away on Wilde Island, Princess Rosalind is born with a dragon claw where her ring finger should be. To hide this secret, the queen forces her to wear gloves at all times until a cure can be found, and Rosalind can fulfill the prophecy that will restore her family to its rightful throne. But Rosalind’s flaw cannot be separated from her fate. When she is carried off by the dragon, everything she thought she knew falls apart…

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