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Fredrik Brouneus

Fredrik Brounéus is a Swedish writer living in Dunedin, New Zealand. In March 2012 his first English novel, The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse, was published by Steam Press. Fredrik has university degrees in pharmacy and journalism and has previously published one children’s novel (Jakten på Energimojängen), one young adult novel (Yoga för rockstjärnor) and one non-fiction children’s book (Piller och Baciller).

The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse: Quirky unusual YA

The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse by Fredrik Brouneus

This is Turning Into the Magic Mushroom Version of the Da Vinci Code...

The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse (2013) is a quirky, funny, thought-provoking story by New Zealand/Swedish author Fredrik Brouneus, told in very colloquial first-person narration by George Larson, an eighteen year old high school student whose life is about to get very strange. Content with his dreams of becoming a soul singer and hooking up with the beautiful exchange student Kaisa, George is a fairly typical teenager who grows increasingly baffled by a series of strange signs. Spiders and ants spell out messages. Sheep and geese formations point out directions. He's having reoccurring dreams of his deceased grandfather turning up at his house and trying to send him out on an important mission, that he must "put out his lighthouse." George has n... Read More