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Lanie Bross

Lanie BrossLanie was born and raised in a very small town in MidCoast Maine where she spent countless hours exploring the woods around the farm where she lived, and playing dress up with her grandma’s suede boots. She even had a stubborn pinto pony named Magic. She left small town life after high school graduation, seeking bigger and better things, but quite honestly, the city life was not for her. She yearned for fresh air and space to roam, and she found her way back home fifteen years later, this time with a husband and two young boys in tow. Now she lives in her grandparents old house, on a dirt road, in the same small town she grew up in. It’s poetic, which makes her smile as she sips coffee staring at nothing but trees outside the window. FATES is Lanie’s debut YA novel.

Fates: Too many of the usual YA tropes, but lots of potential

Fates by Lanie Bross

Vampires are everywhere in teen fiction, but recently some authors have ventured outside fangland and explored a more diverse assortment of supernatural beings. And so we have Fates by Lanie Bross, a novel about, well, Fates. I was a little sad when I realized Bross’s Fates didn’t bear much resemblance to the Greek Fates, just because I’m a sucker for classical mythology, but nonetheless I was eager to see what Bross did with the concept. The gorgeous cover art didn’t hurt a bit either.

The two central characters are fine, in and of themselves. The heroine, Corinthe, was once a Fate and lived in the ethereal world of Pyralis, where she and her sister Fates were responsible for making sure people’s destines played out like they were supposed to. But Corinthe made a mistake, and for that was banished from Pyralis and is now living in Humana (Earth). She looks like a human teenager but still has a job... Read More