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Betty Brock

Betty Brock is the author of several books for young children. She has two grown daughters and lives in Alexandria, VA.

No Flying in the House: Adorable book for young readers

No Flying in the House by Betty Brock

Annabel Tippins is not like other girls. First, she has no parents. Second, she is cared for by a tiny white dog named Gloria. Third, Gloria can talk. When Annabel starts to discover the truth about her past, she’ll have to make a choice between the parents she has always wanted, and the best friend she has ever had.

No Flying in the House
by Betty Brock is an engaging tale of a young girl trying to find her way in the world with only a little dog for guidance. Torn between her love for Gloria, and her discovery that she is a fairy, Annabel tries to discover the truth behind her parents’ disappearance. The subject material is mostly lighthearted, but the evil Belinda adds a note of sinister tension to the story without being too scary for younger readers. The relationship between Annabel and Gloria is charming, and the story teaches an important lesson about love ... Read More

More fantasy by Betty Brock

Betty Brock The Shades children's fantasy book reviewsThe Shades — (1971) Ages 9-12. Publisher: After Hollis washes his eyes in the dolphin fountain, he is able to see a special world whose inhabitants are the shadows of those people that have entered the garden of the house he is visiting.