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Hannes Bok

Hannes Bok(1914-1964)
Hannes Bok is a pseudonym of Wayne Woodard. He was an American artist, illustrator, and amateur astrologer. He painted covers and illustrations for many science fiction, fantasy, and detective fiction magazines, calendars, and books. Bok was the first artist to win a Hugo Award. View some of Hannes Bok’s artwork at The American Art Archives.

The Black Wheel: A must for all Merritt completists

The Black Wheel by Abraham Merritt & Hannes Bok

When Abraham Merritt died of a heart attack on August 21, 1943, at the age of 59, the world lost one of the greatest writers of adventure fantasy of all time. He left behind a number of novels in various stages of completion, including the first quarter of The Black Wheel. Hannes Bok, an artist and illustrator who did almost 150 covers for assorted pulp magazines, starting with the December 1939 issue of Weird Tales, took on the formidable task of completing Merritt's story. Bok was the first artist, by the way, to win a Hugo award, and went on to pen several other novels of his own. I must say that he does a rather good job at pastiching Merritt's style; were ... Read More

Beyond the Golden Stair: Better as a novella

Beyond the Golden Stair by Hannes Bok

Hannes Bokwas the pseudonym of Wayne Francis Woodward, a science fiction and fantasy illustrator and artist who also wrote. In 1948, Bok published a 35,000-word novella called “The Blue Flamingo” in Startling Stories. For decades, rumors circled the science fiction community that “The Blue Flamingo” was an excerpt from a larger novel. In 1970, after Bok’s death, Lin Carter found the manuscript and published it as Beyond the Golden Stair.

In his foreword, Carter talks about Bok’s adulation of Abraham Merritt, who, with books like The Moon Pool and Dwellers in the Mirage, had extended the subgenre of “the lost world.” Bok’s fantasy stories and books ... Read More

The Sorcerer’s Ship

book review Hannes Bok The Sorcerer's Ship The Sorcerer’s Ship — (1942) From Wikipedia: A man named Gene finds himself cast into a new world by a powerful godlike being. Gene has been changed in such a way that he has every talent needed to survive this new world, including the ability to understand the language of its inhabitants. Gene is rescued from the seemingly endless oceans of this new world by a passing ship that is similar to the looks of a Viking galley. Aboard the ship he makes himself useful as best he can while meeting new friends and enemies. Eventually they come to an island where a mysterious creature who some see as a friend, and some see as an enemy, joins them aboard their ship to help deal with the threat of war from their neighboring kingdom known as Koph. The creature, utilizing his sorcerer-like abilities is employed by the other country known as Nanich to help aid them in the war, but will the sorcerer, and his magic be enough to save the land of Nanich from being overrun by Koph?



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