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Toby Bishop

Louise Marley/ Toby Bishop(1952- )
Toby Bishop is a pseudonym of science fiction author Louise Marley. Louise Marley used to be a concert and opera singer, but now indulges her taste for the dramatic by writing fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction with a dash of the fantastic under her own name and the pseudonym Toby Bishop. She also teaches young adult and adult writer’s workshops, and teaches for the Long Ridge Writers Group. Read or listen to excerpts of The Horsemistress Saga at Toby Bishop’s website.

Airs Beneath the Moon: Not the best school fantasy

Airs Beneath the Moon by Toby Bishop

Ever encounter one of those books that you really wished you'd enjoyed more than you had? For me, Toby Bishop's Airs Beneath the Moon was one of those books.

There's something truly solid here, a pretty good foundation with some strong writing structurally speaking, with the exception of the fact that Bishop seems to think that a comma can always replace the word 'and'. It can't.

There's also some fun support characters, like Hester Golden, who's a good friend of young Lark, the heroine. And Phillipa Winter, a Horsemistress who the book spends a great deal of time on, is solid and likeable, if a bit Professor McGonagall-ish. I liked Lark's brothers, too, though I didn't see much of them.

The problem is the fact that this is advertised as a school atmosph... Read More