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David Bilsborough

David Bilsborough was born in Malvern, England, the hills of which inspired him to create the world of Lindormyn. The Wanderer’s Tale is the first of many Annals set in that world. He lives abroad, where he teaches English as a second language.

The Wanderer’s Tale: I’ve seen better character development in cheesy RPGs:

The Wanderer's Tale by David Bilsborough

Described as an “epic fantasy series in the very best tradition of Tolkien,” The Wanderer's Tale is an old-school story about a band of misfits embarking on a quest north to Melhus through the land of Lindormyn — populated by many different races, religions, deities and other creatures — to prevent Drauglir, The Evil One, from being resurrected 500 years after he was supposedly slain. Along the way, the travelers get caught up in numerous (mis)adventures as they journey through strange lands and meet up with a menagerie of beasts — ogres, Leucrota, wolves, Huldre, Jaculus, Ganferd, Spriggans, Kobolds, Afanc, giants, etc. — both familiar and terrifying.

Based on the synopsis alone, comparisons to J.R.R. Tolkien are inevitable though... Read More