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Robert Leslie Bellem

Robert Leslie Bellem (1902 – 1968) was an American pulp author who wrote in many fields — adventure, detective, mysteries, weird tales, Westerns, sex farces — and later became a prolific screenwriter for television.


The Surgeon of Souls and Other Tales of Terror: Second chances, cosmic do-overs

The Surgeon of Souls and Other Tales of Terror by Robert Leslie Bellem

In my last two book reviews, I discussed a pair of characters who were amongst the most popular during the era of the pulp magazine: The Spider, who was featured in 118 novels that appeared in The Spider magazine from 1933 - ’43, and Doc Savage, who appeared in no fewer than 181 novels in the pages of Doc Savage Magazine from 1933 - ’49. Today, however, I am here to discuss still another pulp character, but one who does not enjoy anything near the renown of those other two. That character is Dr. Zarkov, the self-styled Surgeon of Souls, one of the many pulp-era characters created by the remarkably prolific, Philadelphia-born author Robert Leslie Bellem.

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