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SFF Author: Rachel Bach

Rachel BachRachel Bach is a pseudonym of Rachel Aaron. She received a degree in English Literature from the University of Georgia in 2004. She lives in a 70s house-of-the-future in Athens, GA with her husband, an overgrown library, and her small, brown dog. Find out more about the author at Rachel Aaron’s website.



Fortune’s Pawn: Romantic space opera

Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach

Devianna Morris is the most ambitious mercenary you’ll ever meet. Her life’s goal is to join the Devastators (the super-elite king’s guard) and the only way to get there fast is to sign on to the security team of the merchant ship called The Glorious Fool. Devi doesn’t know why The Glorious Fool is so dangerous, but she knows that it manages to kill just about every member of its crew, so just surviving for a year should be enough to bring Devi to the attention of the Devastators.

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Honor’s Knight: More trouble for Devi

Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach

Honor’s Knight is the second book in Rachel Bach’s PARADOX series. Don’t even bother to pick it up until you’ve read the first book, Fortune’s Pawn. (And you might not want to read past the second paragraph of this review, either, because it will spoil some of the plot of Fortune’s Pawn.)

This series is best described as romantic space opera. It’s light on the science (it doesn’t even try,

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Heaven’s Queen: Victim, lab rat, weapon, or savior?

Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach

Heaven’s Queen (2014) is the final book in Rachel Bach’s PARADOX trilogy. I read the first two novels, Fortune’s Pawn and Honor’s Knight nine years ago in audio format, but this final installment, though published in print in 2014, wasn’t available in audio format until November 2022 (I didn’t look into the reason for this). Not surprisingly, I had to go back and read the first two novels again to refresh my memory because I didn’t remember the story very well.

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