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Gill Arbuthnott

Gill Arbuthnott(1958- )
Gill Arbuthnott
was raised in Edinburgh, studied zoology at St. Andrews University, and worked for two years as a biomedical researcher in Southampton before returning to Edinburgh to take up a teaching post at Edinburgh Academy where she teaches biology.


The Keepers’ Tattoo: YA high fantasy with historical overtones

The Keepers' Tattoo by Gill Arbuthnott

The Keepers' Tattoo, previously published as The Keepers' Daughter in the U.K., is a young adult high fantasy with historical overtones. While it is set in an imaginary world, the story revolves around the earthquake-ruined city of Thira and the highly advanced "Keepers" who once lived there. Gill Arbuthnott is clearly drawing on the real-life Thera and the mysterious Minoan culture that may have inspired the legends of Atlantis. I've long been fascinated by all things Minoan, and so I loved this aspect of the novel.

As The Keepers' Tattoo begins, young Nyssa is living an ordinary existence as a cook in her adoptive father's tavern. Then, the Shadowmen — sinister henchmen of the tyrant Alaric — arrive in her small town, and Nyssa is quickly hustled away by Marius, an uncle she never knew she had... Read More

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