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Howard L. Anderson

Howard L. Anderson gave up screenwriting and went back to being a criminal defense attorney before giving up the day job entirely. Before that he directed a low budget film and before that he had been a prospector on the Colorado border near Raton, New Mexico. He worked at a slag plant in Pittsburgh, on the docks in Kodiak, Alaska, and ran a ski lodge in Colorado. He finished his first novel, Albert of Adelaide, in 2009 and it was published in 2012. Howard lived in Buenos Aires for awhile and has a deep love for Argentina and the Spanish language.


Albert of Adelaide: Meet this brave and honest platypus

Albert of Adelaide by Howard L. Anderson

“He was beginning to feel that his escape from the zoo and his flight through the desert had been for nothing. Here he was, where Old Australia was supposed to be, a place where he was to have a home, friends, and others of his kind. Now he was finding that the only way he could even get a beer in this country was at gunpoint.”

Albert of Adelaide (2012) is a new entrant into the ranks of talking animal books. Howard L. Anderson’s fable is a charming tale of adventure with a brave and loyal hero who’s a platypus.

Albert, the platypus, escapes from the Adelaide Zoo and stows away on a northbound train, searching for a mythical land the other zoo animals spoke of, Old Australia. In Old Australia, animals don’t wear clothes, there are no zoos, and humans hunt them only with spears and boomerangs. On his journey, Alber... Read More