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Harper Allen

Harper AllenHarper Allen works as a reporter in the judicial system and writes romance novels.


Dressed to Slay: No delusions of grandeur

Dressed to Slay by Harper Allen

I’ve got a theory. I think Dressed to Slay (2006) is actually a long-lost episode of Buffy. The Scooby Gang has been hit by another demonic curse. This time, instead of falling silent or bursting into song, they’ve all been turned into Cordelia, and I mean first-season Cordelia. (All but Giles, that is. He miraculously escapes the Cordelia curse, but picks up a Russian accent.)

The comparison breaks down pretty quickly, though, because if Joss Whedon had written Dressed to Slay, I’d probably like it better. I’ll say it right up front: Dressed to Slay was not my cup of tea.

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