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Guy Adams

Guy Adams(1976- )
Guy Adams 
is an English author, comedian, and actor. He starred as a mugger on British soap opera, Emmerdale and has also tried stand-up with his own material. Adams has portrayed Sherlock Holmes twice before embarking on creating his own original novel featuring Holmes. He worked as an actor for twelve years before becoming a full-time writer. He lives with his partner, stepsons, cats and dog. Here’s Guy Adams’ blog.


The World House: Takes too long to get to the point

The World House by Guy Adams

A struggling British antiquarian with gambling debts... an American socialite during the Prohibition... a young boy from Spain during Franco’s reign... a barfly and a stripper in the late seventies... an autistic teenager... In different places and during different eras, seemingly unconnected strangers all come into contact with a mysterious box, and all of them at some point suddenly find themselves transported to a different place: a huge house that seems to have endless corridors and stairs, not to mention a room filled with a huge jungle, one that contains an ocean, and so on...

The World House (2010) by Guy Adams starts off well, describing the unsuccessful antiquarian Miles as he hopelessly tries to get an extension on his gambling debts. When the perspective switches to a different time and era with the Prohibition-era debutante Penelope, I was still... Read More

More speculative fiction from Guy Adams

Deadbeat — (2005-2008) Publisher: Max and Tom are old, old friends, once actors. Tom now owns a jazz nightclub called Deadbeat which, as well as being their source of income, is also something of an in-joke. In a dark suburban churchyard one night they see a group of men are loading a coffin into the back of a van. But, why would you be taking a full coffin away from a graveyard and, more importantly, why is the occupant still breathing? Tom and Max are on the case. God help us…

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsSFF book reviews Guy Adams Deadbeat 1. Makes You Stronger 2. Dogs of Waugh 3. Old Bones

Sherlock Holmes — (2011-2012) Publisher: When several leading society figures begin acting out of character, Holmes is enlisted on an investigation that will see him team up with famed ghost hunter Thomas Carnacki, and the famous occultist Aleister Crowley. As London fills up with mindless zombies, possessed by the spirits in the air, Holmes must descend beneath the city via the new underground train network to combat the source. A brand-new original novel, detailing a thrilling new case for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless creation.

Guy Adams Sherlock Holmes 1. The Breath of God 2. The Army of Doctor Moreau Guy Adams Sherlock Holmes 1. The Breath of God 2. The Army of Doctor Moreau

Heaven’s Gate — (2013-2014) Publisher: “You wish to meet your God?” the gunslinger asked, cocking his revolver, “well now… that’s easy to arrange.” Every one hundred years a town appears. From a small village in the peaks of Tibet to a gathering of mud huts in the jungles of South American, it can take many forms. It exists for twenty-four hours then vanishes once more, but for that single day it contains the greatest miracle a man could imagine: a doorway to Heaven. It is due to appear on the 21st September 1889 as a ghost town in the American Midwest. When it does there are many who hope to be there: traveling preacher Obeisance Hicks and his simple messiah, a brain-damaged Civil War veteran; Henry and Harmonium Jones and their freak show pack of outlaws; the Brothers of Ruth and their sponsor Lord Forset (inventor of the Forset Thunderpack and other incendiary modes of personal transport); finally, an aging gunslinger who lost his wings at the very beginning of creation and wants nothing more than to settle old scores. A weird western, a gun-toting, cigarrillo-chewing fantasy built from hangman’s rope and spent bullets. The West has never been wilder.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsThe Change: Orbital — (2012) Publisher: Not a war, but an instant occupation. The Change — as those that survived would later refer to it — took only four minutes to sink its ravenous teeth into our world. But nothing would ever be the same again. Reality has taken a battering. Everything imaginable — dream or nightmare — can now be found on the streets of our towns and cities. Nothing is impossible and nowhere is safe. Waking up on London’s M25 motorway, Howard tries to get to grips with his new surroundings. The wide road is filled with cars and rotting carcasses. As he struggles to survive, he falls in with the road pirates — a ragged band of bikers who forage amongst the derelict vehicles for anything they can steal to survive. But the road doesn’t belong to them alone, not any more. Between the rows of metal and shattered glass an unimaginable creature has been born and nothing can stop it’s hunger for destruction.

Tfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewshe Clown Service — (2013) Publisher: Toby Greene has been reassigned. The Department: Section 37 Station Office, Wood Green. The Boss: August Shining, an ex-Cambridge, Cold War-era spy. The Mission: Charged with protecting Great Britain and its interests from paranormal terrorism. The Threat: An old enemy has returned, and with him Operation Black Earth, a Soviet plan to create the ultimate insurgents by re-animating the dead.