The Labyrinth Index: The American president is missing and that’s a bad thing

The Labyrinth Index by Charles Stross

The Labyrinth Index (2018) is the ninth novel in Charles’ StrossLAUNDRY FILES epic. This installment features Mhari, Bob Howard’s psycho ex-girlfriend who we met back in The Rhesus Chart when she and her colleagues at a bank accidentally developed some software that turned them all into vampires.

Now she’s Dame Mhari Murphy – she’s been elevated to Baroness and she works for the new government in England. Her boss is N’yar Lat-Hotep, the Black Pharaoh, who’s been reincarnated as the new Prime Minister of England after the country was forced to make a lesser-evil type of deal with the ancient god to prevent the rise of Cthulhu.

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Pale Demon: One of the best Hollows books

Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison is so much fun to read. Harrison is an urban fantasy author who understands the need for story, adventure, and just enough relationship interaction to give the story meaning without gutting the fantasy elements in favor of paranormal romance. In Pale Demon, many of the adventures that take place are based on relationships, but the core of the story is about commitment to friends and doing what’s right — a great combination.

Rachel Morgan has been in deep trouble with the “good witch” PTA for some time now. Her willingness to take personal risks, use questionable spells, and interact with demons and other less-than-savory characters in order to maintain her freedom and save her friends is more than the white witches’ coven is willing to sanction. She has been ruthlessly persecuted, shunned and had her life threatened despite the fact that she has defended s... Read More