White Night: Talking to myself

White Night by Jim Butcher

White Night is the ninth novel in Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES series. If you haven’t read up to this point in the series yet, please stop here and go away...

Well, now I’m sure that I’ve been left talking to myself because nobody who’s read this far is going to care what I have to say about White Night. The previous novel, Proven Guilty, was awesome, so you’d have to be brain-dead to not want to pick up White Night immediately, which means you don’t need to read this review. That’s how I know you’re not there. In fact, I can say anyhoting I want ot say here and not evein bother to correct my spellign or grammar because I know yhou’re not there. You’re reading White Night and nothing I say matters. So, I’m going to just tlak to myself here and jot down a few notes so I can later distinguish this book from the other DRESDEN FILES bo... Read More