Hellboy (Vol. 12): The Storm and The Fury: Hellboy and Ragnarok

Hellboy (Vol. 12): The Storm and The Fury by Mike Mignola (writer) and Duncan Fegredo (artist)

The Storm and The Fury takes up where The Wild Hunt (Vol. 9) left off. Hellboy: Volumes 10 and 11 are collections of short stories, so they do not advance the primary plot of Hellboy, which is what we get here. Hellboy is still in England, and knights are rising from their graves as foretold. The signs are dire, and Hellboy is on the case even though he left the B.P.R.D. On the other hand, as we found out in The Wild Hunt, Hellboy is the anticipated king of Britain, so the knights might be gathering together as an army that he is supposed to lead against the Queen of Blood.

This volume begins with Hellboy and Alice talking about what Hellboy’s been up to over the past few years, and this device allows Mignola to remind of us of the m... Read More

Incubus Dreams: Yuck! Typical for the most recent books

Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton

LKH has continued down the path that she has chosen for this series: the characters just get trashier with each book and all of the redeeming features that made them respectable are disappearing.

The sad part is that it is such a flawed perspective on people. Some people are actually able to resist being corrupted by outside influences and that is totally absent from this series where everyone is so caught up in a need for sex and power that they will totally debase themselves to get it. The will to resist that call was part of what made Richard Zeeman admirable, but now he is so enraptured with Anita that he is falling too. Get real!

Hamilton's editors should have helped her avoid some of the chracter clutter and useless dialogue in Incubus Dreams. Kill Richard off or let him vanish into the sunset. Give Micah a backbone, because there is no way that h... Read More