Sin City (Vol. 4): That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller

Sin City (Vol. 4): That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller

This is the fourth volume in Frank Miller’s SIN CITY series, about a grizzled old detective named John Hartigan who decides that on his final day before retirement (due to severe angina) that he will take down the evil son of the most powerful man in Sin City, Senator Roark. Roark Junior, knowing he is protected by his father, rapes and kills young girls with impunity, and Hartigan decides that someone finally has to do something about it. When he hears that Roark has another victim, 11-year old Nancy Callahan, he tracks him down to a warehouse guarded by several goons. He manages to save Nancy at the expense of his own body and does great harm to Roark Junior as well, setting the stage for the main story 8 years later.

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The Martians: A MARS story collection by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson’s MARS trilogy is a landmark of science fiction. The books visualize the terraforming of the red planet from a desert wasteland to a verdant living space while Robinson examines humanity from economic, psychological, political, sociological, and ecological viewpoints, culminating in the most in-depth look at colonizing Mars as has yet been written. The quantity of material was so great in fact, that Robinson published the story collection The Martians three years after Blue Mars. Collecting material spilling over in the creative effort, it features short stories published from magazines, cuts from the novels, Robinson’s notes, musings, and others — 26 pieces in all. The time and setting of the selections is scattered throughout the three novels. Some stories fill gaps not explicitly described, some are alternate ... Read More

The Saxon Shore: This series begins to pay dividends

The Saxon Shore by Jack Whyte

When we think of Arthurian legends, we tend to imagine certain things. Merlyn is ancient and wise, and Arthur is strong and a leader of men. In his A Dream of Eagles series (Camulod Chronicles in America), Jack Whyte does his best to undermine these expectations. When we meet Merlyn in The Eagle’s Brood, the third book of the series, he is a warrior. Now, we meet Arthur, a toddler with golden eyes. Will he prove fit to carry the sword that Publius Varrus forged in The Singing Sword?

Unfortunately, we don’t find out in The Saxon Shore.

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The Realms of the Gods: Pierce’s best book to date

The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce

The Realms of the Gods is the final book in Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet, and probably the best. As one can possibly guess, it's nearly impossible for someone to begin reading this series at this book — you at least have to read Book Three: The Emperor Mage, though ideally you should have all three previous books under your belt: Wild Magic and Wolf-Speaker just to have the complete picture of what's going on here.

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