The Beast Master: A science fiction western

The Beast Master by Andre Norton

I first found Andre Norton on the shelves of my elementary school library in fourth grade. I have no idea which of her novels was the first one I read. I just know whichever one it was, it was far from the last. One after the other, bound only by whatever limit our library put on me, I read all I could find on the shelves. And then I read them again. And then again. By the time I left that school in sixth grade, if you picked up one of her books and looked at the sign-out card (yes kids, once upon a time, library books had cards in the front where you’d print and sign your name and then the library would keep the card until you returned the book) you’d see my name running its length — four, five, six times per card, sometimes with no other names intervening — just my name, then my name again dated a few months later, then my name again after yet another few months. Card after card, book after book: a multi-yea... Read More