fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Today, we are pleased to welcome fantasy author Rachel Vincent. Rachel is the author of two outstanding fantasy series: SHIFTERS and the YA series SOUL SCREAMERS. Shift, the latest novel in Rachel’s Shifter’s series, starring werecat Faythe Sanders, which went on sale this week. Please join us today in welcoming Rachel and be sure to comment on this post for a chance to win a copy of Shift, which she is graciously donating.

SB Frank: In your SHIFTERS series, I really enjoy how Faythe is constantly challenging traditional female role models in the Pride. In Prey, I think it was, Faythe finally began to understand and accept the vital role that her mother had played in the Pride despite not having a formal position except as the Alpha’s wife. As the pride politics turn deadly, does her mother’s role in the pride continue to grow and expand? Or how do you see that playing out?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsRachel Vincent: Yes, I think it does. She’s always had a vital role; she’s just been content to play it behind the scenes for most of Faythe’s life. But in the first chapter excerpt of Shift (available on my website) we get a glimpse at how strong Karen Sanders can be, and where Faythe gets her mouth.

Do you see yourself as a champion for female independence in other areas of your life besides your writing?

Oh, I don’t see myself as a champion for anything. My job is to entertain. But if you’re looking for more than just an exciting read, the SHIFTERS series can be read as a commentary on gender and racial equality and the importance of fighting for both. Or, it can just be read for fun. :-D

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsI understand that you have two cats, Kaci and Nyx. Do their personalities or quirks ever find their way into your fictional werecat characters?

No, not really. My werecats are cat instincts, human brains, and a mix of social norms. My house cats just want to eat and lie around all day. Nyx is very cuddly, though. And Kaci’s very stately and standoffish.

Aw. They sound adorable. We’re huge cat lovers around here. Your website says that you are a recent transplant into the deep south. I personally am a US expatriate now living abroad in Texas. Where are you transplanted from? And how do you like living in the South?

I lived in Oklahoma for the first eleven years of my adulthood, then spent almost a year in Louisana, which is where I lived when I wrote that bio. But now I live in San Antonio, and I love it! There’s a great mix of cultures, generally warm weather (though I’m expecting a sweltering summer), and soooo many restaurants to choose from. And there’s a Godiva store three miles from my house. What more could a person want?  :-Dfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

I know that San Antonio is one of our family’s fun vacationing spots, though we haven’t hit the Godiva store yet.  In addition to your werecats novels, you also have a very popular YA series, SOUL SCREAMERS, with two books released so far, My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save.  Do you find it difficult to write for a YA audience? More satisfying?

It’s not that the YA audience is more difficult to write for, but since I’m newer at writing YA than writing for adults, I want to make sure I get it right. So a lot of extra time, energy, and stress goes into my YA novels, and I stress a lot more over the reviews.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsSo, what’s next for you? Do you plan to continue these series for a while or to move on to another project?  Anything exciting in the works?

The SHIFTERS series draws to a close this October, with the release of Alpha, the sixth and final book. But the SOUL SCREAMERS will continue (I’m currently contracted through book 5) and I have a new adult series coming up next year. So… I’m definitely staying busy.

Wow. Congratulations on all the great news. I, for one, am rushing out to read Shift and have the the SOUL SCREAMERS on my to-read list.

And for our visitors today, remember to comment on today’s post for a chance to win your own copy of Shift or if you can’t wait that long, buy it now and we’ll let you choose an alternate prize from the Fanlit Stacks. Justin will announce winners next week.

FanLit thanks Stephen B. Frank for conducting this interview for us!


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