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I haven’t read The Exile yet, but the striking cover keeps beckoning me and I will surely give in soon. I asked C.T. Adams what she thought about the cover and whether an artist’s rendering of her characters might influence how the author might view and/or write the character in future volumes of a series. Here’s what she said:fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

The cover for The Exile is gorgeous. I think it really pops and will fly off the shelves.


Unlike a lot of authors, I have a clause in my contract that allows me to have cover consultation. Ultimately the publisher has the final say – they have to worry about sales after all. But Tor and my editor are great about asking my input, and they generally ask me for some key visual scenes in the book that might make for a good cover.


So the book comes first, the cover after — and since it is tied to the first book it probably won’t affect future books, other than to help me get enough sales that there will BE future books. Too, it’s always good to have a consistent look for books in a series, so that readers can identify future books and keep going.


Covers are so key to sales, in fact, that I’m always really excited to see what the cover will look like, and to find out if the readers love it as much as I do. Reaction thus far from my fans via the website, blog and newsletter has been really positive for The Exile. So I’m thinking that they’re as happy with the art as I am.

And here’s what others are saying about The Exile:

“This book (the first in a planned series) will entertain readers looking for a fun fantasy that mixes adventure with just a bit of romance.” —Kirkus

Adams… goes solo with this new series launch, which has all the right ingredients for a long run: political intrigue, magical struggles, even a possibility that there might be a romantic entanglement somewhere down the line. This should appeal to fans of Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series. —Library Journal

And here’s what the publisher says:

An enthralling urban fantasy with a hint of romance, THE EXILE (A Tor Trade Paperback; $15.99; March 10, 2015) is the first solo novel by C. T. Adams, who is half of USA Today bestselling author Cat Adams. Like the Cat Adams Blood Singer novels, THE EXILE is set in a familiar world where magic is real and contains Adams’s trademark blend of suspense, action, humor, and strongly emotional writing.

Brianna Hai, an exiled half-Fae princess, runs an occult shop that sells useless trinkets to tourists—and real magic supplies to witches and warlocks. The magical painting that hangs in Brianna’s apartment is the last portal between the Fae and human worlds, making it difficult for her to stay out of Fae politics. Unfortunately, she becomes swept back up in court intrigue when a shocking magical assault on her home by a rival of her father, High King Liu of the Fae, forces Brianna back into a world she had been desperately trying to avoid.

With the help of her gargoyle, Pug, her friend David, and his handsome brother Nick, a police detective who doesn’t believe in magic, Brianna returns to the Fae world to recover what was stolen from her in the attack and in the process becomes an unwilling potential heir to the throne. Fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and Faith Hunter will enjoy this thrilling start to a new series!

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