The Vampire Prince: Intense and emotional

The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the previous books.

In the previous book, Trials of Death, author Darren Shan left us on a cliffhanger and I’m pretty sure that most readers will be running out to pick up this book, The Vampire Prince, no matter what anybody says. Still, it’s my job to say something about it, so I’ll do that.

OK, it’s no big surprise, I guess, that Darren survived the events of Trials of Death. When he recovers, he has a big decision to make. He managed to escape from Vampire Mountain, but now he has learned that the vampaneze are hiding in the caves in the mountain and that Kurda, who’s about to become a vampire prince, is a traitor. Kurda plans to let their enemies in as soon as he’s crowned. If Darren doesn’t tell the other princes in time, all the vampires in the mountain will be wiped out. But he... Read More

The Bonehunters: So complex

The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

The Malazan Book of the Fallen has become so complex that it’s very difficult to keep all of the storylines in order. It’s totally worth the effort, but these books are not exactly the sort that you can just pick up and read quickly. The Bonehunters is no exception and I found myself jumping back to the reference of who’s who quite a bit.

I struggle to write this review because so much that I want to say would be spoiler material for people who are beginning the series. But what I can say is that The Bonehunters was awesome! The Bridgeburners and some of their history and what made them who they are has been a theme throughout the series. In The Bonehunters we get to see something similar happen to a new troop of soldiers. It’s painful, it’s... Read More