Magic’s Promise: A little less angsty than previous novel

Magic’s Promise by Mercedes Lackey

Magic’s Promise is the second book in Mercedes Lackey’s THE LAST HERALD MAGE trilogy. This review is likely to spoil some of the first book’s plot, so be warned.

It’s been several years since the horrid events that took place at the end of the Magic’s Pawn. Vanyel is now the most powerful Herald-Mage on the planet and he’s been traveling all around the realm helping to fight a war with one of Valdemar’s neighbors. He’s exhausted and his body is scarred, but his reputation shines and everyone admires him. He’s been given the nicknames Demonsbane and Shadowstalker. But while Vanyel may be famous, he’s actually more alone than ever.

For a much-needed rest, Vanyel goes home to his parents. I’m not sure why he thinks this will be restful since his father despises him because of his sexual orientation and his mother is constantly parading yo... Read More