A Time of Exile: Not as good as the first four books

A Time of Exile by Katharine Kerr

A Time of Exile, the first book in the second Deverry quartet, opens a number of years after the events in Daggerspell. Rhodry is getting older, but his Westfolk genes have given him long life and people are starting to mutter dweomer when they look at him. He stages his own death so that he is able to slip away from his life in Aberwyn. He meets Jill again when he heads into the lands of the Westfolk, the first time he has seen her since she left him for the dweomer. She is now a master, and refuses to consider the idea of a relationship between them.

The rest of the novel takes place in the past with the Westfolk and Aderyn taking centre stage. I like the way that in each of the Deverry books you never know how much time you will spend in the present or past.

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