Armageddon’s Children: Bridges the gap

Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks

"I Will Grow Up to be Like My Mother..."

Best known for his expansive SHANNARA series set in a typical fantasy-realm of swords and sorcery, Terry Brooks is also the author of the WORD AND THE VOID trilogy, an urban-fantasy concerning the entropy of our world fought against by Knights of the Word. Although both series seemed unconnected (despite a few hints that the world of SHANNARA was set thousands of years into the future, a world built on the foundations of our own, and the common use of the phrase "the Word" in both series) this new trilogy builds a bridge between the two of them. Aptly called THE GENESIS OF SHANNARA, the trilogy purports to act as a sequel to Angel Fire East (the final book in the WORD AND THE VOID trilogy) and the prequel to the first book i... Read More